“You’ll be so amazed and deeply grateful”

Another testimonial about the year long women’s empowerment program, Birthing Ourselves into Being:

“Craving a deeper connection with your own heart and those you love? Baraka’s book, Birthing Ourselves into Being, makes it surprisingly easy and deeply satisfying: Gather a small group of women. Set a standing monthly date. Then read BOiB, reflect, share, grow, trust, dance, write. Together. You’ll be so amazed, and deeply grateful to Baraka for sharing her gift, and for helping you share yours.” ~ Jennifer Derryberry Mann

Empowering *you* to share *your* gift is at the very heart of everything we do here at womanspace, and certainly the BOiB year long program!

I believe that your gifts are the workings of a great, quiet revolution that is happening right now on the planet. Birthing Ourselves into Being is about women gathering to witness this great, quiet revolution as it manifests itself in specific ways unique to each woman. It looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure, I have witnessed every woman stand more securely in her power through the 4 years I have offered this program…. more secure, confident, creative, balanced, productive, happy, connected.

Will you be a part of our great, quiet revolution in 2013? If you are feeling the inner call to sacred women’s community, act on it! We’ve been waiting for *you*!

holding sacred space for women

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